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Glass Classes

CLASSES June 24-July 8, 2018(Pending sign-ups and the weather) WE NEED  2 PEOPLE IN A CLASS TO RUN THE CLASS. 6 MAX. Kids Classes are at 11:00. Adults at 1:00 . Daily classes are available...weekdays and weekends.      THE EASIEST WAY IS TO EMAIL ME  TO SET UP A DAY AND TIME THAT WORKS FOR YOU.

 For questions about date and time  you can email me at

  • CLASSES in November. 

  • Starting Nov through Jan.  

  • Long pants (No SHORTS will be allowed)    Closed-tipped shoes    Wear a Hat or headband

  • Long-sleeved cotton shirt...  no billowy sleeves   Wear sunglasses. Most classes can be repeated.                        EMAIL TO ARRANGE DATES AND HOURS:


Kids Classes:  Quick session: Ages 5-12 Kids get to experience the hot glass, use of tools and equipment and make something of their choice. Choose between a heart, paperweight, or paperweight fish. Approx: 1/2 hr long.       $25 each

Kids Class: Grade 1,2,3: Adventures in Glass 1:

4 Sessions 1-2 hours ( approx) each.  Minimum 4 students maximum 10   Gathering glass, selecting a mold, selecting colors, shaping the glass and finishing project. Done with the assistance

of an experienced glassblower. Dates and times arranged with students.   No experience needed.    $150

Kids Class Grade 4 through Grade 12: Adventures in Glass 2: 4 sessions 2 hrs each (approx) Minimum 4 students maximum 6  Working with partners students gather glass shape glass freehand learn to use tools safely, reheat the glass and form their project. All done with the guidance of the instructor. Dates and times arranged with students.   No experience needed             $165

Kids Class: Grade 7-12 Adventures in Glass 3  Must have taken Adventures in Glass II:  4 sessions 4 hours each (approx) MInimum 4 students maximum 6: Students advance to creating projects with more ease and control. Students advance individually. All work is done with the supervision of experienced glassblower. Safety is stressed as students use more advanced tools and methods. Dates and times arranged with students. $300

Adult Classes

Adult Beginner Class 1..........

Glass Sculpting #1 Gather, form and shape glass. Learn to handle the tools and work around the shop safely 

Cotton clothing, long sleeves and no open toed shoes. Sun glasses are helpful looking into the hot furnace to gather glass.

Adult Beginner Class #2: Glass Sculpting 2:       Students experience the gathering of glass and forming it into sculpted glass. Using new tools and methods to form glass.. Must take Sculpting 1 first. Allow3+ hours.   

 Adult Beginner Class #3:Free form glass making 1 :Pre-requisite previous sculpting  classes 1 and  An introduction to techniques and skills such as gathering, centering, jacking, blocking, and marvering along with instruction in  proper shop etiquette and use of tools.

Experience the heat of the furnace (2200 degrees), gathering molton glass, learn to marver (shape) the glass, then form the glass into a ball at the end of the stainless steel rod to form your own paperweight.

  • An introduction to glassblowing, tools of the trade and proper shop etiquette

  • Create and keep your paperweight: (results may vary)

Shop use:
For experienced glassworkers:
$45 per hour. Time to be arranged.
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